Monday, July 30, 2007

Christ's Global Ambassadors

How can we be faithful as Christ's Global Ambassadors today?

Not too long ago, the answers to this question seemed so much simpler. Today, though, the situation is much different. The roles called for by North American missionaries in many countries have changed, from initiators and leaders to collaborators and supporters. Sometimes it's best to just leave and allow national leaders to fully engage.

In many other places in our post-9/11 world, North American Ambassadors for Christ are not even welcome, and going there seems unwise at best. Still, the urgency to obey His call is not diminished by the circumstances.

So, how can we be faithful as Christ's Ambassadors today? What issues need to be considered? How should they be addressed? What are our options? What resources are available?

This blog is to provide a forum for talking about these questions. Join me as together we ask the Lord to guide us into greater faithfulness to His call to be His ambassadors all around the world. NGW

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