Friday, November 14, 2008

IWU Students Go Global!

Serving Christ Abroad?

Here are the results from an intercultural studies survey that INDIANA WESLEYAN UNIVERSITY students received two weeks ago! Fifty-nine of our 148 students pursuing majors or minors in intercultural studies or international and community development responded, and the findings reveal some very interesting trends! (I want to thank all of you who participated!)

Trends for North American Missions and Global Christianity?

Only a summary of the raw data is reported in this post, although in future posts I will be writing about the implications of these trends for North American missions and global Christianity. This will provide us lots of topics for future discussion as students, faculty, mission organizations, and church leaders.

So what trends do you see in these data? What are some possible implications regarding North American Christians and global missions? What other considerations should inform our discussion?

I am looking forward to our conversation! (Please note that you will need to have a Gmail address to post a comment on this blog.) In addition, you can expect future posts from me as we reflect together on these findings.

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P.S. If you haven’t taken the survey yet, just click on the following link:


Elijah Elkins said...

It seems a little odd that so many of us would like to go to Africa or already fairly evangelized places. I know personally I said Africa, but now that I think about it... Why aren't we all wanting to go to unreached and/or unevangelized people groups? It seems a little selfish and comfortable for me to want to go to already evangelized areas.

Norman Wilson said...

Elijah, I understand your reactions and have been wondering myself about why so many have indicated an interest in living in Africa. My sense is that our students are moved by the huge humanitarian needs there. Hopefully those who go will find ways to partner with our African brothers and sisters in Christ so that the churches can be strengthened. Serving there probably will still require leaving their comfort zones and call for personal sacrifices. Meanwhile, my prayer is that God will also call more believers to the less evangelized areas of the world.

Keith Drury said...

Not mush left of the old "missions/evangelism" movement is there?